Pointless = Dull?

11 May

Okay, I find it fascinating that no one warned me that quitting smoking actually makes you really sick. I guess no one thought it was important to mention that I’d be spending the spring coughing my lungs and throat out. Well, it’s not like knowing that would have changed anything, I suppose. I’m just lucky I don’t have a day job and I spend most of my time alone, so I can largely keep my suffering to myself. 😛

I have a lot on my mind right now. I’m cooking sausages, for one, and I really don’t want them to be pink in the middle. My book release is this Friday (7:30 PM at the Silver Room, come through!), so I’m thinking hard about my set list, folks I invited to perform, and dj issues. I’m thinking about how freaking hot it is in Chicago all of a sudden, and how I ought to buy a sex toy to replace the one I forgot in a hotel room last summer (so I enjoy my own company even more). I’m thinking about an online argument I’m having with some folks about Odd Future‘s artistic intentions. I’m thinking about how it feels like no one ever calls or writes me both because I’m constantly plugged in, and because I ignore it when people actually do call and write. I’m thinking about how nervous I am to go to this writer’s workshop on Sunday. I’m thinking of the blog post I’m supposed to be writing right now.

I miss my grandma, which is stupid because I only ever saw her like twice a year, and she asked me about school and I told her I graduated a long time ago and that was about it.

Eh, I am failing at living a grandiose life right now. After I eat a sausage, I think I’ll watch some more Battlestar Galactica and practice poems for Saturday. You be good and get some exercise for me, okay? ❤


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