I Wish They All Could Be California Gigs… ;)

16 Jan

I’m on the West Coast for the next few weeks doing a bunch of shows in the Bay Area, plus a few in the Pacific Northwest. The first show, San Jose’s WONDERFUL The Oversocial Mofo Review, went over gangbusters. and I intend to keep my game very high indeed.

Naturally, I’ll be hawking copies of my book, How to Seduce a White Boy in Ten Easy Steps, which you can also purchase from my press, Write Bloody Publishing. Come out and see me, my loves! 🙂


16. The City Slam, San Francisco, CA
19. Berkeley Poetry Slam, Berkeley, CA
23. afterWords, 440 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA
24. Santa Cruz Slam, CA
27. Oakland Poetry Slam & Open Mic, Oakland, CA
31. Poetry Night, Bellingham, WA


3. Tourettes w/o Regrets, Oakland, CA
8. Seattle Poetry Slam, Seattle, WA
10. Chico Poetry Slam, Chico, CA
13.Portland Poetry Slam, Portland, OR


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