Labia vs. the Machine: Round Three.

1 Jan

I sold out of the first shipment of my book really quickly. Thanks, folks! I ordered more, and hopefully they’ll arrive soon – but you can also order copies at Write Bloody. Um, I hear they’ve got it at Barnes & Noble and on Kindle, too??

Anyhow. I’m losing interest in this series, mainly because it’s too difficult, maybe too unproductive, maybe too depressing to think of specific topics in this vein. Cheryl Maddalena recently pointed out that one of my earlier points could as easily apply to men as women, and the more I consider that, the more I realize she’s correct. I don’t believe there’s much I could say that doesn’t actually apply across genders. The best I can do is try to generalize, to sketch a vague gendered portrait and throw some pedantry in that direction.

There’s a difference, I feel there must be. Some days, I think men might not actually listen to my poems, for the most part. A few more actually read them, I think. I’m under the impression that many more women hear me. I feel there’s a difference, but I’m losing confidence in my ability to delineate that disparity.

More women artists I know seem crippled by a lack of self-confidence. It’s old news. When women get on the mic, we apologize for ourselves more. It takes more for us to be loud and unapologetic. Why? Do we inherently need more confirmation? Do we receive more criticism as a whole? Are we raised to be quieter, more subtle?

It’s worth consideration. Hope your new year has been happy in the last few hours, and hope the year continues bearing selfsame fruit.


How To Build Self-Esteem

* Garner an appreciation of your own body without mirrors, including other people’s perception. Find out what it does well and how it’s pretty to you. Cherish.

* Garner an appreciation of your own poetry. Respect it enough to be hard on it. Respect it enough to share it.

* Cultivate your harmless weirdnesses. Even if no one else gets it, ever. It’s what makes you special.

* I’m at the point where I read all general praise and criticism once. Specific shit needs to be sorted through and weighed, but vague shit only needs one reading.

* Accept that mistakes will come. They might be wonderful.

* Practice unexpected loudness, especially unabashed joy. Share.

* Handstands.


4 Responses to “Labia vs. the Machine: Round Three.”

  1. Seth Brown January 1, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    Just got your book via Kindle! I’ll got it on order through Write Bloody too.

  2. Donna Vorreyer January 1, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    Just ordered from Write Bloody – can’t wait. And I love your list above, especially the one about not giving close attention to vague crit or praise. Well-said. And Happy New Year!

    • Laura Yes Yes January 1, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

      Wonderful! Thanks, Donna! Happy New Year to you!

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