12 Dec

I can no longer blame my not getting laid (on command) on my devastatingly sexy wasband, nor my sudden appreciation for women’s slams and readings. I solidly did not get laid this iWPS. I’m fairly sure I tried, a little. Fairly sure.

In general, the slam scene makes me feel some kind of melancholy these days. Not because the poetry or people are “worse”. Most of the people who got me into this game seem to be on hiatus, though. A few probably won’t ever come back. A few seem to be waiting for return to be worthwhile – but I’ll take the liberty of saying it probably costs a lot.

Competitively, I watched two of my poetry idols do great work and not get truly noticed for it. I did some small stuff. I felt a little heartbroken. I came into this competition expecting newness, for some reason… I had no new work. I came thinking I had nothing. I got hopeful, but I’m still green. Truthfully, I am sad. But I can stomach this.

I thought this was Rudy’s year. I’m very glad for him. Please take a moment to tell him he’s beautiful. I mean that, seriously.

More talk soon.


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