Through the Lens of Ven Smith: ATL Post #4 and Final.

29 Jun

I’m lucky to have a lot of talented people in my life. Many of these folks are handy with the word, but a lot of them are brilliant in other ways as well. My good friend Ven Smith is certainly one of those stars, someone who, if I could afford to, I’d definitely pay to roam the planet with me just for the sake of seeing what he sees. Ven traveled with me to Atlanta and took a bunch of incredible photos; I’m reposting a few of my favorites here, with his permission. If you like his work, friend him on FB and tell him so.

Kevin in front of Galaxy. Richmond, VA.

Me and John "Suvivor" Blake in Galaxy. Richmond, VA.

Nice shot of Kevin. Richmond, VA.

Me, John, Kevin and Ven at Galaxy. Richmond, VA.

Me on the steps of Kevin's house. Richmond, VA.

Me and Matt outside the Raleigh Times. Raleigh, NC

Me and Diana outside the Busy Bee. Raleigh, NC.

Smokestacks. Atlanta, GA.

Oakland Cemetery. Atlanta, GA.

Oakland Cemetery. Atlanta, GA.

Wes Able. Atlanta, GA.

Tyler at Kavarna. Atlanta, GA.

Tyler and Karen Garrabrant. Atlanta, GA.

Me at Grant Park. Atlanta, GA.


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